Other Stuff

Please be aware, I can not see, authorize, or approve the adds put on this blog site. They may be totally inappropriate and not in line with my beliefs.

There is some other stuff that I’d like to share with you.  This page will be for parallels, chiasmi/concentric structures, various shadows, Bible codes, and fun projects based on what’s found in Scripture.

The following 2 pdfs were presented at the 2017 fotVA (Feast of Tabernacles Virginia) at Bethpage Camp Resort which was held by House of David Fellowship: Thematic Patterns and Thematic Pattern Handout. This contains the Pattern of Moses. Last edited 10/9/17.

Chiasms and Concentric Structures  Last edited 5/19/15

Who is Kúrios?  This presentation was compiled for House of David Fellowship and presented 2/6/16.  Last edited 2/8/16.

The Shadow of Phinehas  Last edited 5/19/15

Do you question that Yeshua was a substitutionary sacrifice?  Did He really fulfill the Levitical sacrifices?  Check out this Bible code and corresponding report.  Click TWICE (pause between clicks) to fully enlarge.  Last edited 9/2/15.Atonement C9M

Atonement C9R

What does Esther, Moses, Daniel, and Yeshua have in common with Zechariah and Revelation? It’s a pattern worth looking at. With Esther as a backdrop, this is a Bible study that will make you see the broad picture of what’s to be expected. Esther A Picture of the Bride of Messiah Last edited 5/24/15

Did Moses murder the Egyptian or did YHVH give him into Moses Hand? See  Moses Defense  Last edited 5/24/15.

Have the various interpretations of eschatology got you confused?  The beast of Revelation parallels not only the little horn of Daniel, but also Ben-Hadad of Syria and Hitler.  See Rise and Fall of Nations Last edited 5/25/15.


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