Other Stuff

There is some other stuff that I’d like to share with you.  This page will be for parallels, chiasmi/concentric structures, various shadows, Bible codes, and fun projects based on what’s found in Scripture.

The following 2 pdfs were presented at the 2017 fotVA (Feast of Tabernacles Virginia) at Bethpage Camp Resort which was held by House of David Fellowship: Thematic Patterns and Thematic Pattern Handout. This contains the Pattern of Moses. Last edited 10/9/17.

Chiasms and Concentric Structures  Last edited 5/19/15

Who is Kúrios?  This presentation was compiled for House of David Fellowship and presented 2/6/16.  Last edited 2/8/16.

The Shadow of Phinehas  Last edited 5/19/15

Do you question that Yeshua was a substitutionary sacrifice?  Did He really fulfill the Levitical sacrifices?  Check out this Bible code and corresponding report.  Click TWICE (pause between clicks) to fully enlarge.  Last edited 9/2/15.Atonement C9M

Atonement C9R

What does Esther, Moses, Daniel, and Yeshua have in common with Zechariah and Revelation? It’s a pattern worth looking at. With Esther as a backdrop, this is a Bible study that will make you see the broad picture of what’s to be expected. Esther A Picture of the Bride of Messiah Last edited 5/24/15

Did Moses murder the Egyptian or did YHVH give him into Moses Hand? See  Moses Defense  Last edited 5/24/15.

Have the various interpretations of eschatology got you confused?  The beast of Revelation parallels not only the little horn of Daniel, but also Ben-Hadad of Syria and Hitler.  See Rise and Fall of Nations Last edited 5/25/15.


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