Seek Your Hebraic Roots

Has anyone ever suggested you should seek your Hebraic roots?  Let me explain why I’m asking.

Several years ago I was serving as a missionary in the former Soviet Union.  I was experiencing frustrations with learning a slavic language.  I had gotten to the point where I could express myself during normal conversations although I was not always fluent nor did I always use my grammar correctly.  On one particular occasion, I was listening to some nationals telling jokes to one another.  Everyone was laughing but I wasn’t.  I didn’t understand what was so funny.  I understood the words but they didn’t make sense.  As I complained to YHVH about my shortcomings, I reminded Him how hard I had studied the language, culture, and history of the people I was with.  He seemed to respond, “Yes, I know how hard you have worked on those things in order to have deeper relationships with people here but you haven’t really done that with Me.  You don’t know the languages of the Scriptures and you don’t study the Scriptures while keeping the history and culture of My people in mind.  You do not have a foundation in My Torah from a Hebraic point of view.  How do you expect to properly interpret My Word and teach others with out that?”  Well, that was something for me to really think about and correct.

Over the past several years I’ve tried to share with those who are willing to listen to what I’ve learned about the history, culture, and Hebraic roots of the Scriptures.  What about you?  How do you relate to the Scriptures?  Do you read and interpret them from a Greek (Gentile) perspective or from a Hebraic (Jewish) perspective first before seeking an application for it in your life?

If you want a deeper relationship with Yeshua the Messiah, you should seek your Hebraic roots.  You will discover how the culture of Israel and the Scriptures of the Tanach (Old Testament) are woven into the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) in a way you never realized before.  It will change your heart and mind forever.  Take time to read my posts and see if you can find what you are seeking.


2 thoughts on “Seek Your Hebraic Roots

  1. Yeshua showed me a couple of years ago to go to the Hebrew root and learn the ways of the Jews. Since then my eyes have been open and every day i grow closer to Yeshua. You can’t understand God if you don’t know who he was while he was here.

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